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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

How to Add and Use a Slicer in Google Sheets


Add and Use a Slicer in Google Sheets

Now that you know what a slicer does, let’s take a look at how to add and use one.

Select the chart or table where you want to apply the slicer. For our example, we’ll use a pie chart so you can see how easily the data is filtered. Go to the menu and click Data > Slicer.

Click Data, Slicer in Google Sheets

You’ll then see the slicer which looks like a floating toolbar. You can move it wherever you like on your sheet.

Slicer added in Google Sheets

Then, select a column to filter in the sidebar that displays. If you don’t see the sidebar, double-click the Slicer to open it.

You should see the column labels for the data you used in the Column drop-down list. Select one and you’ll see it display on the slicer.

Column for slicer

Click the filter icon or the drop-down arrow on the slicer to apply a filter to that column. You’ll see that you can filter by condition, such as text that contains a keyword or values greater than a certain amount. You can also filter by value by deselecting the values you don’t want, leaving those you do want marked.

Apply a filter in the slicer

Click “OK” to apply the filter and you’ll see your data and chart or table update immediately. You can also see the number of items filtered on the slicer itself.

Chart filtered with a slicer

Return to these spots to change or clear the filter as needed.

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