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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

How to Create a Venn Diagram in Google Slides

 Google Slides Venn Diagram

Insert a Relationship Diagram

Head to the slide where you want the diagram. Go to Insert > Diagram from the menu to open the Diagrams sidebar and select the Relationship type.

Insert a diagram in Google Slides

You should see an option that has two green intersecting circles. This most closely represents a Venn diagram to give you a good jumpstart.

At the top of the sidebar, you can choose the number of areas you want for that diagram if you need more than two. Optionally, you can pick a different color scheme as well.

Select the areas and color

Select that diagram to insert it on your slide. From there, you’ll make a few adjustments necessary for the Venn diagram structure.

Diagram inserted on a slide

Format and Customize the Venn Diagram

Next, you’ll adjust the transparency for the circles, resize them per your preference, and add the text to the circles and overlapping area in the diagram.

Adjust the Transparency

The first thing we’ll do is adjust the transparency for the circles. This reduces the shade of the circle colors and allows for the overlapping section to be darker because that’s the common area to both circles.

Select the first circle, go to the toolbar, and click the Fill Color drop-down arrow. Choose “Custom.”

Choose Custom for the Fill Color

When the color window appears, use the Transparency slider to make your adjustment. You can also pick a different color for that circle if you wish. Click “OK.”

Use the Transparency slider

Select the second circle and do the same thing. If you’re using three or four circles, simply follow the same process.

Transparency adjusted in diagram

Resize the Circles

Depending on how much text you plan to add to each circle and the intersecting area, you may want to resize the circles. You can do this by selecting each and dragging from the corner or edge of the border.

Resize a circle by dragging

You can also use the Format Options sidebar to size the circles exactly. Select a circle and either click Format Options in the toolbar or right-click and choose “Format Options.”

Select Format Options

Then, expand the Size & Rotation section and use the Width and Height fields to set the sizes for the circle. Keep the Format Options open, select the next circle, and set its size in the sidebar.

Enter the width and height

Add the Text

Now you can add the text to each circle. Use the existing text boxes to enter the text for each one.

You can then insert the text box for the common area. Go to the toolbar, click the Text Box icon (a “T” inside a box), and then draw the text box on your diagram in the overlapping section.

Insert a text box

Enter the items that are common to both circles in the new text box. Follow the same process if you have more than one intersecting area.

Add text in the box

Remember, you can move and resize all text boxes as well as change the font size, color, and other attributes using the buttons in the toolbar. Plus, you can add text boxes outside of the circles to label the diagram.

Customize the Venn diagram in Google Slides

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