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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Customize a Waterfall Chart


Customize a Waterfall Chart

Like other chart types in Excel, you can customize the design, colors, and appearance of your chart. If this isn’t something you’ve done yet in Excel, here are the basics for customizing your chart.

If you’d like to start by changing the title, click the Chart Title text box.

Click the Chart Title to change it

Double-click the chart to open the Format Chart Area sidebar. Then, use the Fill & Line, Effects, and Size & Properties tabs to do things like add a border, apply a shadow, or scale the chart.

Open the Format Chart Area sidebar

Select the chart and use the buttons on the right (Excel on Windows) to adjust Chart Elements like labels and the legend, or Chart Styles to pick a theme or color scheme.

Adjust the Chart Elements

Select the chart and go to the Chart Design tab. Then, use the tools in the ribbon to select a different layout, change the colors, pick a new style, or adjust your data selection.

Click the Chart Design tab

You can also move your chart to a new spot on your sheet by simply dragging it. And, to resize your chart, drag inward or outward from a corner or edge.

Drag a corner or edge to resize the chart

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