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Monday, February 28, 2022

Create Multilevel Lists in Google Docs

 The Google Docs logo.

How to Create a Multilevel List

Fire up a browser, head to your Google Docs homepage, and open a new document.

It’s effortless to create a multilevel list in Google Docs. All you have to do is type on a line to begin your list, press Enter after the first item to start a new line, type the next item on your list, and so on. When you’ve typed all the items on your list, highlight all the lines.

A list highlighted in a Google Doc.

Next, click Format > Bullets & Numbering > Numbered List, and then choose a formatting style from the list.

Click "Format," "Bullets & Numbering," and then select "Numbered List."

For this guide, we’ll use a numbered list. If you prefer a “Bulleted List,” choose that instead.

Your list is formatted in the style you chose.

A numbered list in a Google Doc.

While this is a single-level list, the process to create a multilevel list in Docs isn’t much different. When you start to demote and promote items, that’s when it becomes a true multilevel list.

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