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Monday, January 24, 2022

Change Your eBay Username

 eBay logo on a gradient gray background.

Update Your eBay Username

To start the username change process, open a web browser on your device and launch the eBay site. On the site, sign in to your account.

In eBay’s top-left corner, hover your cursor over your name. Then, in the menu that opens, click “Account Settings.”

Click "Account Settings" in eBay's top-left corner.

A “My eBay” page will open. Here, in the “Personal Info” section, click “Personal Information.”

Click "Personal Information" on the "My eBay" page.

On the “Personal Info” page, next to “Username,” click “Edit.”

Select "Edit" next to "Username."

Your “Username” field is now editable. Click this field, type the new username of your choice, and then click “Save.”

Enter the new username and click "Save."

And that’s all there is to it. Your eBay username is now changed, and this new name will be used from now onwards.

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