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Sunday, August 8, 2021

How to Organize Discord Channels

Each channel on your server is organized into categories. To create a new channel or category, right-click anywhere in the channel pane and click either the “Create Channel” or “Create Category” command.

When you create a channel, give it a name and choose whether it should be a text or voice channel. Channel names cannot contain spaces (typing a space just creates a hyphen) or capital letters.

When you create a category, all you have to do is give it a name. Category names can contain spaces, and while you can type capital and lowercase letters, they end up displaying in all caps no matter what.

Channels also have their own channel-specific permissions, which you can access by clicking the gear next to a channel. These permissions default to sync with the category to which the channel belongs, but if you change them, they’ll stay that way until you sync again.

You can also make categories and channels private. When you go to create a channel, just select “Private Channel” and then enables the roles you want to be able to access the channel.

If you want only to add a few people to the channel, it’s best to make a new role for that channel, and then add users to that role.

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