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Monday, June 21, 2021

(Part Two) Use Master Slide to the Fullest!



Microsoft developed many PowerPoint Slide Master templates you can download for free.

Slide Master PowerPoint

I strongly recommend you to avoid failing into the trap of the ready-to-use PowerPoint master slide templates.

The master slide is crucial to unleash your creativity and to clean up your presentation.

If you use ready-to-use master slide templates, you’ll force yourself to stick to old fashioned designs and you’ll get an ineffective presentation.

I prefer to create a new presentation, to clean up the default Slide Master template and to keep it simple and clean.


you right-click on the slide thumbnail and check the layout panel, you can choose one of the layout from the Slide Master.
Slide Master PowerPoint

For example, let’s say you need to make section divider slides.

First you choose one of the layouts. In this case, I’ll select the third one.

Slide Master PowerPoint

You get the slide ready.

Slide Master PowerPoint

Another step of my  Microsoft PowerPoint Slide master Tutorial, is to add the section number and the section title you prefer.

Slide Master PowerPoint

The beauty here is that every time you’ll add a section splitter slide, you will just need to recall the same layout and to change the two text fields.

You won’t need to align the background green rectangle and the different placeholders.

Finally, all the slides will look the same and you’ll get consistency through your presentation.


In the following image of Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Master tutorial, you’ll see how I named the 9 layouts.

Slide Master PowerPoint

In order to name a layout in the Slide Master, you need to right click on the layout you want to edit:

Slide Master PowerPoint

Rename the layout and type the name you chose.

Slide Master PowerPoint

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