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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

How to Get a Hyperlink to a Cell or Range in Google Sheets


Get a Hyperlink to a Cell, Range, Column, or Row

Visit Google Sheets, sign in if necessary, and open the spreadsheet. Select the cell(s) that you want to use for the hyperlink.

  • To select a single cell, simply click it.
  • To select a cell range, click the first cell and drag your cursor through the remaining cells.
  • To select a column or row, click the column or row header.

Once you select the cells, they’ll be highlighted.

Right-click and move your cursor to View More Cell Actions. Choose “Get Link to This Cell” or “Get Link to This Range” in the pop-out menu.

Select Get Link to This Range or Cell

You’ll see a brief message appear at the bottom of the window that the link is copied to your clipboard.

Link copied to the clipboard message

You can then paste the link wherever you need; in an email, a Slack or Teams message, or another application.

View the Link Structure

When you paste the link, you’ll see the selected cell reference(s) at the end of the URL. This allows you to change the cell, range, column, or row directly within the link if needed.

Here are a few examples:

Link to cell A1:

Link to a cell in Google Sheets

Link to column A:

Link to a column in Google Sheets

Link to row 4:

Link to a row in Google Sheets

Link to the cell range A1 through A4:

Link to a cell range in Google Sheets

Share a URL Link to a Cell or Range

As mentioned, obtaining a hyperlink to a particular cell or range can be helpful for pointing something out to another person. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that you’ll need to share the workbook with that person in order for them to view the portion of the sheet with your link.

An alternative to sharing the sheet up front is to grant the person access when they request it. If they try to open a Google Sheet that hasn’t been shared with them, they’ll see an Access Denied message with the option to Request Access.

Google Sheets Access Denied message

Once you grant access to the other person, they’ll be able to view the cell(s) you linked as well as the rest of the sheet per your share settings.

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