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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Trim a Video in a Microsoft PowerPoint Slideshow

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Trim a Video in PowerPoint

You can add the video to your PowerPoint slideshow on whichever slide you need and in whatever place you want. You can even resize the video and adjust the volume and other playback options before you trim it.

When you’re ready, select the video to display the Playback tab. In the Editing section of the ribbon, click “Trim Video.”

Trim Video on the Playback tab

This opens a small editing window for you to trim the clip. You can enter the start and end times for the portion of the video you want to keep, use the markers to select the start and endpoints, or a bit of both.

If you know the exact start and end times, you can enter those into the corresponding boxes. You can also use the arrows on the sides of the boxes to adjust the times in smaller increments.

Enter the Start and End Times

In addition, you can use the start and end time markers directly below the video to choose the portion you want to keep. Slide the green marker to set the start time and the red marker to set the end time.

Slide the start and end markers

You may also use a combination of these tools to pinpoint the exact spots to start and stop the video. Press the Play button and then press Pause when you see the time you want. You can then enter that time into the Start Time or End Time box depending on which part you want to keep or move one of the markers to that spot.

Press Pause

If you can only play a specific duration of the video due to time constraints, you can verify that by viewing the duration on the top right after you trim it.

View the Duration

When you have the section of the video you want all set, click “OK.”

You’ll see the video on your slide update to only play that portion you kept during the trim process.

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