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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Things to do with a Trim Video in a Microsoft PowerPoint Slideshow


Reset or Edit the Trimmed Video

If you change your mind about how you’ve trimmed a video, you can reset it back to its original state or edit where you trimmed it.

Select the video, go to the Playback tab, and click “Trim Video” as you did initially.

You’ll notice that the Trim Video settings are exactly as they were when you trimmed the video. This allows you to adjust as needed.

Edit a trimmed video

To reset the video to its original length, simply slide the green start marker all the way to the left and the red end marker all the way to the right. Click “OK” to play the full-length video in your presentation.

Reset a trimmed video

Save a Trimmed Video

Maybe you’ve trimmed a video in PowerPoint that you want to save for use outside of that application. You can save the file after you compress it and then use that trimmed video as you please.

Warning: After you compress the video using the steps below, only the trimmed portion will appear on your slide.

Select File > Info from the PowerPoint menu. Next to Compress Media, you’ll see all media in the current slideshow including the trimmed video. If you have other video or audio files, the compression process applies to all files.

View the media files and trimmed video

Click “Compress Media” and choose the level of compression.

Choose a compression level

You’ll see a small dialog box appear as the process takes place. Click “Close” when it finishes.

Compression progress and complete dialog box

Return to the slide containing the trimmed and now compressed video. Right-click it and choose “Save Media As.”

Select Save Media As

Pick a location to save the video, give it a different name if you like, and click “Save.”

Pick a location to Save the file

If you want to undo the compression process for your media files, return to File > Info > Compress Media and choose “Undo.”

Select Undo

Trimming a long video to play only the portion you need in your PowerPoint presentation is an easy process. Plus, you can keep your original video intact and save time from using a separate tool.

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