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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Send a Zoom Invite for an Ongoing Meeting


Send a Zoom Invite for an Ongoing Meeting

Even if your Zoom meeting has already started, you can send invites and allow people to join it.

Send an Invite on Desktop

To invite someone to an ongoing meeting from your desktop, in Zoom’s bottom bar, click “Participants.”

Click "Participants" at the bottom of Zoom.

At the bottom of the “Participants” panel that opens, click “Invite.”

Select "Invite" in the "Participants" panel.

You will see an “Invite” window. Here, to invite someone who is in your contacts list, click the “Contacts” tab at the top. Then type the user’s name and select them.

Invite contacts to a Zoom meeting.

To send the invitation via email, click the “Email” tab. Then select your email provider. When you click a provider, Zoom opens that email’s site, composes a new email, and automatically pastes your meeting invitation. You can then define the recipients and send your invitation.

Invite by email.

To copy a link to your meeting that a user can click to join the meeting, click the “Copy Invite Link” button in the lower-left corner of the “Invite” window. To copy the entire invitation message, click “Copy Invitation” instead.

Copy the meeting link or invitation message.

That’s it.

Send an Invite on Mobile

To invite someone to a running meeting from your phone, then at the bottom of the meeting screen in Zoom, tap “Participants.”

Tap "Participants" at the bottom of Zoom.

On the “Participants” screen, in the lower-left corner, tap “Invite.”

Select "Invite" on the "Participants" page.

In the “Invite” menu, select the app you want to use to invite people to your meeting. To copy the invitation link and manually send it to someone, tap “Copy Invite Link.”

Choose a way to send the meeting invitation.

Your recipient can click the link to attend your meeting.

And that’s how you add people to your Zoom meetings by sending invitation messages!

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