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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Reveal One Line at a Time in Microsoft PowerPoint

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Set up the Animations in PowerPoint

Go to the slide with the text you want to animate and select the first line you want to make appear by dragging your cursor through it.

Select a line of text in PowerPoint

Head to the Animations tab and click the arrow on the bottom of the animation collection. This displays all available effects.

Choose one of the Entrance animation effects. You can use an option like Appear, Fly In, or Float In for something subtle or go all out with Grow & Turn, Swivel, or Bounce.

Pick an Entrance effect

You should see a brief preview of the animation. If not, click “Preview” on the left side of the ribbon. You can also automatically see each animation you apply or edit. Click the Preview arrow and select “AutoPreview” to put a checkmark next to it.

Preview animations

Select each additional line you want to animate, one at a time, and apply the animation as you did with the first line. You can use the same effect or choose a different one if you like. You’ll see each line numbered with the order in which the animations appear.

Animated lines in PowerPoint

Customize the Animations

Now that you have the initial animations set up, it’s time to customize the Effect Options, Start action, and optionally the Duration.

Change the Effect Options

Depending on the Entrance animation you select, you may have additional settings for the effect. For instance, you can choose a direction for the effects such as from the top, bottom, right, or left for the Fly In animation or up or down for the Float In effect.

Select each animation and click the Effect Options drop-down arrow. Then choose the direction for the animation.

Select an Effect Option

If the Effect Options button is grayed out, then there are no available options for that particular animation per line.

Effect Options grayed out

Select a Start Action

If your plan is to reveal one line at a time in PowerPoint to speak more about each of those lines, then you probably want complete control as to when they display. To do this, select an animated line and go to the Timing section of the ribbon on the Animations tab.

In the Start drop-down list, pick “On Click.” Do the same for each animated line on the slide. Using this option, each line will appear only when you click the slide.

Pick a Start action

If you prefer to simply display one line at a time without any additional action, select “On Click” for the first line to start the slide animations and “After Previous” for the subsequent lines. Using this option, each animated line will display one at a time automatically.

You can also use the Delay box directly below the Duration box to add a number of seconds for the time between animations when using “After Previous.”

Select After Previous and add a Delay

Note: If you use additional animations on the slide such as revealing images or other objects, be sure to order your animations as you want them to appear with the lines.

Adjust the Duration

Another customization you may want to make is for the Duration. Each animation has a default timing for how long the effect plays from start to finish. You can change this by using the Duration box in the Timing section of the ribbon on the Animations tab.

Either enter a number in seconds or use the arrows to increase or decrease the speed of the animation.

Adjust the Duration

Use the Animation Pane

In addition to customizing your animations with the ribbon, you can use the Animation Pane. This is a side panel that lets you change the Start action, edit the Effect Options, remove an effect, or reorder your animations.

On the Animations tab, click “Animation Pane” in the Advanced Animation section of the ribbon.

Click Animation Pane in the ribbon

You’ll see the sidebar display with your current slide animations listed in order. Select and drag or use the arrows at the top to rearrange them or click the arrow to the right of an animation to make edits.

Use the Animation Pane

To close the Animation Pane, click the X on the top right of it or deselect the Animation Pane button in the ribbon.

Whether you want a dramatic effect or a useful one for expanding on talking points, you can easily reveal one line at a time on a PowerPoint slide.

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