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Monday, January 24, 2022

Open a Website With a Keyboard Shortcut on Windows 10 or 11


Google search page open in the Chrome web browser on a laptop screen.

Enter the website you’d like to create a keyboard shortcut to in the address bar, and then click the star icon to the right. In the menu that appears, click “Add Bookmark.”

Add a website to the bookmark list.

Next, click and drag the bookmark from your browser to your desktop.

Click and drag the shortcut.

Now you’ll want to assign a keyboard shortcut for the desktop shortcut. Right-click the desktop icon and then click “Properties” from the context menu. Alternatively, select the desktop shortcut and press “Alt+Enter”.

Click Properties.

The Properties window will appear. Click the “Shortcut” text box, and then press the key you would like to assign to your shortcut. Keep in mind that “Ctrl+Alt” will always be added to your shortcut. So, if you press “B” here, your shortcut will be “Ctrl+Alt+B”.

After you’ve assigned the keyboard shortcut, click “Apply.”

Apply a keyboard shortcut.

The keyboard shortcut is now applied to the desktop shortcut. Press the keyboard shortcut to launch the website.

Note that, depending on your system, you may be asked how you’d like to open the shortcut. If this happens, select the browser you prefer, and be sure to check the box in the dialog so you’re not asked to select the browser you’d like to use every time you use the shortcut.

That’s all there is to it.

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