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Monday, January 24, 2022

How to Find an Image With Google Image Search

How to Find an Image With Google Image Search

You can use your preferred browser or the Google app to find an image. Once you find one, you can further fine-tune the search results based on Google’s suggestions to find an appropriate image.

To get started, open Google Images Search site in Safari or Google Chrome on your iPhone or iPad. Type in words to search for any image you’d like to see.

Search anything in the Google Image Search.

Or, with the Google app, simply enter a search term and hit “Images” in the results page.

You’ll get a lot of images in the search results. On the bar between the images and search category tabs, you’ll find the tiles with relevant words related to the search term you entered. You can keep swiping left on that section till you find a suitable relevant word.

Swipe left to view more related keywords about the image search results.

When you select a suitable word, it’ll further refine the image search results.

Selecting a related keyword changes the image search results accordingly.

Tap on the Settings icon to reveal more sorting options like Lastest, GIF, HD, Product, Color options, and Usage Rights. You can pick one to tweak the results further.

Tap on "Settings" button and choose more sorting options.

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