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Saturday, January 29, 2022

How to Add Friends on Discord

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Ways to Friend Someone on Discord

One way to add a friend on Discord is to use the user’s Discord Tag. A Discord Tag is made up of a combination of the user’s username (which is case sensitive), a # (pound or hashtag) sign, and a four-digit number. You can ask your future friend for this code so you can add them.

Another way to add friends on Discord is to find the person you want to befriend in a Discord server, and then choose an option from a menu. This is a great way to make friends from a server that both you and your friend-to-be are part of.

We’ll explain both of the above methods in this guide.

Add a Friend Using Their Discord Tag

If you have a user’s Discord Tag, here’s how to add them to your friends list in Discord on both desktop and mobile.

Add a Friend on Desktop and Web

On your desktop, launch the Discord app or the Discord web version. Sign in to your account if you haven’t already.

Once signed in, in Discord’s top-left corner, click “Home” and then select “Friends.”

Click Home > Friends in the top-left corner.

At the top of the “Friends” screen, click “Add Friend.”

Select the "Add Friend" button at the top.

An “Add Friend” section will open. Here, type the Discord Tag of the user you want to add as a friend, then click “Send Friend Request.”

Type the Discord Tag and click "Send Friend Request."

A friend request will be sent to your selected user. They can then accept or reject the request. If they accept the request, you will see them in the “Friends” section on Discord.

Add a Friend on Mobile

To add friends on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, use the Discord app.

First, launch the Discord app on your phone. In the app’s bottom bar, tap the person icon.

On the “Friends” page, at the top-right corner, tap “Add Friend” (an icon of a person with a plus sign).

Tap "Add Friend" in the top-right corner.

On the “Add Friend” screen, tap the text box and enter the user’s Discord Tag. Then tap “Send Friend Request.”

Enter the Discord Tag and tap "Send Friend Request."

Discord will send your friend request to the specified user. Once they accept it, you will see them in your friends list.

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