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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Draw on Google Slides

 Google Slides logo against a yellow gradient background.

Draw in Google Slides Using Scribble

For a quick way to sketch your picture, you can draw directly on your slide. Then, use the available tools to format your drawing the way you want.

Open your presentation and select the slide you want to use. Go to Insert in the menu, move your cursor to Line, and choose “Scribble” in the pop-out menu. You can also use the line, arrow, and other tools if you like.

Click Insert, Line, Scribble

You’ll see your cursor transform into a crosshair symbol. Use that to draw on the slide.

Draw with Scribble on Google Slides

Format Your Scribble Drawing

After you draw your picture, you can use the toolbar to change the line weight, color, or dash. Select the drawing so that you see the object border. Then, choose an option in the toolbar.

Edit the drawing

To change the size or position, or add a shadow or reflection, select the image and click “Format Options” in the toolbar.

Select Format Options

When the sidebar opens, expand the option you want to change. For instance, you can check the box for Reflection and then expand the section to adjust the transparency, distance, and size.

Use the Format Options sidebar

Close the sidebar by clicking the X on the top right.

Draw on Google Slides Using Google Drawings

Another option is to use Google Drawings to create your picture and then insert it onto your slide. This is a good way to go if you want to create a detailed drawing.

As of this writing, Google Slides doesn’t offer the option to simply insert a drawing. So, it takes a few extra steps, and you have a couple of ways to do it.

To create your picture, you can go directly to the Google Drawings website. Alternatively, click File > New > Drawing from the Google Slides menu to open Drawings in a new browser tab.

Select File, New, Drawing

Draw your picture, use the toolbar to format it as you like, and be sure to give it a name on the top left.

Create and name a Google Drawing

You can then use one of two ways to insert the drawing in Google Slides.

Option 1: Publish and Link to the Drawing

With the first method, you publish the drawing, copy the link, and use the URL to insert the picture on your slide. Publishing the drawing makes it publicly available to anyone with the link. One benefit is that if you make changes to the drawing and re-publish it, the drawing automatically updates wherever it’s linked.

On Google Drawings, click File > Publish to the Web from the menu.

Select File, Publish to Web

Select the Link tab and optionally pick a size. Click “Publish” and then “OK.”

Select the Link tab

When the link displays, copy it using Ctrl+C on Windows or Command+C on Mac.

Copy the link

Return to Google slides and click Insert > Image > By URL from the menu.

Select Insert, Image, By URL

Paste the link into the field using Ctrl+V on Windows or Command+V on Mac. Then, click “Insert.”

Paste the URL and Insert the drawing

Option 2: Download the Drawing and Upload It to Google Slides

Another way to insert your Google Drawing in Google Slides is to download the image and then upload it to your slide.

On Google Drawings, click File > Download and choose an image format such as PNG.

Select File, Download

Return to Google Slides and click Insert > Image > Upload From Computer.

Select File, Upload From Computer

Locate the image and click “Upload.”

Upload the image drawing

Format the Inserted Drawing

Once you insert your drawing using one of the above two methods, you can adjust the position or size, or add a shadow or reflection as described earlier. Select it and click “Format Options” in the toolbar.

Use the Format Options sidebar

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So if the one you want to use is something you need to create yourself, you can easily draw on Google Slides.

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