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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Set Up Notifications for Changes in Google Sheets


Set Up Notifications in Google Sheets

You can enable notifications for changes to Google Sheets with a couple of options. So, open your spreadsheet and click Tools > Notification Rules from the menu.

Click Tools, Notification Rules

Now you’ll see that you have the option to receive an email when any changes are made or when a user submits a form (if you have a Google Form connected to your Google Sheet).

You can also choose to receive a daily digest or an email right away. The daily digest will wrap up the changes or submissions into one email whereas the other will immediately notify you.

Make your selections and hit “Save.”

Set up a notification rule in Google Sheets

Receive the Notification Email

To see an example of the notification you’ll receive, check out the screenshot below. It displays the user who made the change along with the date and time. You can also use the “Click Here” links to view the edits or see the current version of the spreadsheet.

Notification email

Again, if you choose to receive a daily digest instead of an immediate email, you’ll see all changes made in a single message.

Edit, Remove, or Add Notifications

You can edit a notification rule you create, delete one, or add more. Head to the same spot, Tools > Notification Rules.

  • To change an existing rule, click “Edit” next to it, make your changes, and click “Save.”
  • To remove a rule, click “Delete” and then confirm by clicking “OK” in the pop-up window.
  • To set up another rule, click “Add Another Notification Rule,” make your selections, and click “Save.”

Edit, Delete, or Add a Notification Rule

Notifications in Google Sheets keep you up to date with any changes others make. And remember, you can also see changes to a particular cell in Sheets.

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