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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Remove Suggestions from Chrome’s New Tab Page

 Google Chrome suggestions crossed out.

Similar to the Chrome browser for iPhone, iPad, and Android, Google Chrome on the desktop has includes several personalized recommendations on the New Tab page. These can feel intrusive and distracting, so we’ll show you how to turn them off.

The mobile browser’s New Tab page is a lot like the Discover feed. It’s the news and other articles that Google thinks you might be interested in. The desktop version, however, is more about product recommendations and recipe ideas based on your browsing.

The good news is Google made it easy to turn off these “suggestions.” You don’t need to mess around with Chrome flags, either.

First, go to the Chrome New Tab page by clicking the “+” icon in the top tab bar of the Chrome window. Then, click the “Customize Chrome” button in the bottom right corner.

Chrome New Tab Page. Click "Customize Chrome."

Select “Cards” from the side menu.

Select "Cards" from the menu.

From here you can choose to turn off specific suggestion types one by one, or turn them all off by selecting “Hide All Cards.”

Customize the cards or turn them all off.

Select “Done” when you’re finished making your choices.

Select "Done" to finish.

That’s it!

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