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Friday, November 19, 2021

Place Images Behind or in Front of Text in Google Slides

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How to Adjust Image Positions in Google Slides

To get started, open the Google Slides presentation that contains the image you want to re-position. If you haven’t already inserted an image, you can do so by clicking Insert > Image, and then choosing the location the image is stored.

With the image on the slide, click and drag it to the location you want it to be on your slide. If there also happens to be text there, don’t worry—bring the image there anyway. Once properly positioned, make sure the image is still selected. The image’s border will be blue when selected.

Click the image you want to reposition in Google Slides.

Next, right-click the image. Hover your cursor over the “Order” option in the context menu.

Click Order in the context menu.

A sub-menu will appear with these four options:

  • Bring to Front: This brings the selected image to the front of all objects currently in front of it.
  • Bring Forward: This brings the selected image up one level.
  • Send Backward: This sends the selected image back one level.
  • Send to Back: This sends the selected image to the back of all objects currently behind it.

Depending on the current position of the selected image, some options may be grayed out.

The four order options.

In this example, we want to position the image behind our text box. Since there are only two objects (the text box and the image), we can just select “Send Backward,” although “Send to Back” would accomplish the same thing.

Click Send Backward.

Note that each option also has a keyboard shortcut. To bring the image forward or send it backward, press Ctrl+Up or Ctrl+Down, respectively. Or, bring it to the front or send it to the back with Ctrl+Shift+Up or Ctrl+Shift+Down, respectively.

Here’s how it looks when you place the image behind the text.

An image positioned behind a text box in Google Slides.

Using these four order options, you can perfect the placement of the text and images in your presentation.

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