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Thursday, November 11, 2021

How to Use Disk Cleanup to Clear Cache

How to Use Disk Cleanup to Clear Cache

An easy way to remove various caches from Windows 11 is to use the built-in Disk Cleanup tool. This tool automatically finds and clears cache files for you.

To use the tool, open the “Start” menu and search for “Disk Cleanup”. Click the tool in the search results.

Click "Disk Cleanup" in the "Start" menu.

In the small “Disk Cleanup” window that opens, click the “Drives” drop-down menu and select the drive where you have installed Windows 11. Then click “OK.”

Select the Windows 11 drive from the "Drives" drop-down menu on the "Disk Cleanup" window.

You will see a “Disk Cleanup” window. Here, in the “Files to Delete” section, enable all boxes so all your cache files are removed. Then, at the bottom, click “OK.”

Enable all boxes in the "Files to Delete" section and click "OK."

In the prompt that appears, click “Delete Files” to confirm deleting your cache.

Click "Delete Files" in the prompt.

And that’s it. The selected cache files are now removed from your PC.

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