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Sunday, November 21, 2021

How to See Song Lyrics on Spotify

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How to View Song Lyrics in Spotify on Mobile

To view the lyrics for a song on an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, use the official Spotify app.

Start by launching the Spotify app on your phone. Then, find your song and play it.

At the bottom of the Spotify app, tap the bar showing the currently playing song.

Tap the currently playing song at the bottom of the Spotify mobile app.

On the song page that opens, at the bottom, tap “Lyrics.”

Note: If you don’t see the “Lyrics” option, the selected song’s lyrics are not available.

Tap "Lyrics" on the song page in the Spotify mobile app.

And Spotify will display the lyrics for your song.

View song lyrics in the Spotify mobile app.

To view these lyrics in a full-screen view, tap the lyrics or the “More” button.

View song lyrics in a full-screen view in the Spotify mobile app.

As your song plays, Spotify will highlight the lyric words that are being sung.

You can exit the lyrics view by tapping the “X” icon found in the top-right corner.

And that’s how you make it easier for yourself to sing a song!

How to View Song Lyrics in Spotify on Desktop or Web

In Spotify on the web, Windows, or Mac, you can use the same set of steps to access the song lyrics.

Start by opening Spotify in your web browser or on your Windows or Mac computer. Then, play the song for which you want to see the lyrics.

Play a song in Spotify.

At the bottom of Spotify, where you see the music controls, click the “Lyrics” option (a microphone icon).

Click the "Lyrics" option in Spotify.

At the top of the Spotify screen, you will see the lyrics for your current song. These lyrics will be highlighted as your song plays.

See song lyrics in Spotify.

And it’s as easy as that to see song lyrics in Spotify on all your supported devices.

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