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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Convert a PowerPoint to Google Slides

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Convert a PowerPoint by Uploading to Google Slides

You can upload a PowerPoint presentation directly to the Google Slides website. From there, open it in Slides, make your changes, and it will save automatically.

Visit Google Slides, sign in, and click “Blank” below Start a New Presentation on the main page.

Click Blank on Google Slides

When the Blank presentation opens, click File > Open from the menu.

Click File, Open

In the pop-up window, select the Upload tab. Then, either drag your PPTX file onto the window or click “Select a File From Your Device.”

Select Upload and open or drag the file

You’ll see the slideshow open immediately in Google Slides as your active presentation. The name of the slideshow is the PowerPoint file’s name. You can change it if you like by clicking that text in the upper left corner.

Optionally rename the slideshow

From there, you’re set to edit or present the slideshow. Since all changes save automatically, you do not have to take an extra step to save the presentation as a Google Slides file.

Saved to Drive

You can visit the Google Slides main page to see your presentation in the list. You can also access your presentation from Google Drive.

Converted slideshow on Slides

Convert PowerPoint by Importing to Google Slides

Another way to convert your presentation from a PowerPoint to Google Slides is by importing it. The benefit to this method is that you can select the slides you want to convert if you don’t want the entire presentation.

Select “Blank” on the main Google Slides screen. When the untitled presentation opens, click File > Import Slides from the menu.

Click File, Import Slides

Select the Upload tab. Either drag your PowerPoint slideshow file onto the window or click “Select a File From Your Device” to browse for, select, and open the file.

Select Upload and open or drag the file

When the Import Slides window appears, click each slide that you want to use in Google Slides. If you want to use them all, click “All” next to Select Slides on the top right.

Click All

Optionally, check the box on the bottom right to keep the original theme from the presentation. Then, with the slides selected, click “Import Slides.”

Select the slides to import

When the slides you picked open in the blank presentation, click the name on the top left to rename it. By default, the slideshow will be named Untitled Presentation.

Rename the presentation

Your changes save automatically, and you can access your converted presentation from the main Google Slides page or Google Drive.

Convert PowerPoint by Uploading to Google Drive

One more way to convert a PowerPoint to Google Slides is by uploading the file to Google Drive. This method might be more convenient if you happen to have Google Drive open already.

On the main Google Drive page, click “New” on the top left and choose “File Upload.”

Click New, File Upload

Locate and select your PowerPoint file, then click “Open.”

Select the file and click Open

After the file uploads to Google Drive, right-click it and choose Open With > Google Slides.

Right-click and pick Open With, Google Slides

The presentation will open in Google Slides but remain a PowerPoint file as you can see next to the name on the top left.

Click File > Save as Google Slides from the menu to convert it.

Click File, Save as Google Slides

This will open the presentation in a new tab as a Google Slides file. As described above, any changes you make will save automatically, but now as a Google Slides presentation. And, you’ll see both files in your Google Drive.

Both files appear in Google Drive

If you want to remove the PowerPoint file from your Google Drive after you convert it, right-click it and pick “Remove.”

Right-click and pick Remove

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