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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Change the Color of an Object in Adobe Photoshop

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Replace an Object’s Color in Adobe Photoshop

To show you how to replace an object’s color in Photoshop, we’ll use the following image. We’ll turn the red apple in this image into a green apple.

A red apple.

First, open the photo with Adobe Photoshop. If you have multiple photos you want to edit at the same time, you can open several images in the same document.

In Photoshop, from the menu bar at the top, select Image > Adjustments > Replace Color.

Select Image > Adjustments > Replace Color from Photoshop's menu bar.

A small “Replace Color” window will appear. Keep this window open and click the color that you want to change on your photo. In this example, we’ll click the pure red color on the apple as that’s what we want to change.

Click the source color on the image.

On the “Replace Color” window, click the eyedropper icon with a plus (+) sign on it. Then, at the bottom, click the “Result” color to select the target color for your object.

Click the "Result" color.

From the “Color Picker” that opens, choose the target color for your object. If you’re on Windows, you can use the Color Picker tool to grab a color from another image, and Mac has a built-in color value utility you can use as well. Then click “OK.”

Choose the target color in "Color Picker" and click "OK."

Use your mouse or trackpad and select your object on the photo. You will see your object’s color changing in real time.

Click the object in the photo.

Back on the “Replace Color” window, drag the “Hue” slider to adjust the target color on your object. When everything looks good, in the “Replace Color” window, click “OK.”

Adjust "Hue" and click "OK" on the "Replace Color" window.

Your object’s color is now changed.

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