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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Find a Lost iPhone


Enable the Find My Network

In order to use this method, you’ll need to have enabled the Find My Network. By enabling it, Apple reports that you can locate your misplaced device for up to 24 hours even if it’s turned off. If you’ve already enabled the Find My app on your iPhone, you may not have noticed this additional setting. It’s possible, though, that Find My Network was enabled by default after upgrading to iOS 15.

If you have an iPhone in hand that you want to make sure has the Find My Network enabled, open Settings on your iPhone and tap your Apple ID at the top. Select “Find My” and then tap “Find My iPhone.” You’ll then see the option to enable Find My Network.

Enable the Find My Network in Settings

You’ll also notice a toggle for Send Last Location which is another helpful feature to enable. This will send the last known location of your device to Apple if the battery is low.

Once you enable the Find My Network option, you’ll see a message the next time you turn off your device. This simply reminds you that your device can still be located even if it’s powered off.

Findable iPhone message

Find Your iPhone Using Another Device

If you happen to own another Apple mobile device like an iPad, you can use the Find My app on it to locate your lost iPhone. Or if you use location sharing with a family member, they can help locate your iPhone with Find My on their device.

For this example, we’ll use an iPad. Open the Find My app and tap “Devices” in the small box on the bottom. You should see a list of devices to pick from as well as their current locations plotted on the map.

Select the device in Find My on iPad

Tap your iPhone in the list to see its exact location. You should see the address in the box and the icon on the map. From there, you can use the additional features to play a sound on it, get directions to its spot, or mark it as lost.

Locate the device in Find My on iPad

Find Your iPhone Using Your Mac

The Find My app is also on macOS, so you can find your iPhone if you own a Mac as well.

Open the Find My app on your Mac and click the Devices tab on the top left. You’ll see a list of your devices and their current locations on the map.

Select the device in Find My on Mac

Select your iPhone to see its spot on the map and then click the Info icon on its label. You can then perform the same actions as on iPad. Play a sound on your iPhone, get directions to it, or mark it as lost.

Locate the device in Find My on Mac

Find Your iPhone Using

If you don’t have another Apple device handy, you can always use Find My on

Visit and sign in with your Apple ID and password. Then click “Find iPhone” from the grid of app options.

Click Find My iPhone on

On the Find My screen, click the drop-down box at the top labeled All Devices and choose your iPhone from the list.

Select the device in Find My on iCloud

You’ll then see your iPhone on the map. You also have a small window at the top where you can take an action like play a sound, mark it as lost, or erase the device.

Locate the device in Find My on iCloud

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