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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Use the Paste Special Options in Google Sheets


Access Paste Special in Google Sheets

As a refresher, you can copy data in Google Sheets in a few easy ways. Once you do, you’ll then access Paste Special.

To copy data:

  • Right-click the cell(s) and select “Copy” in the shortcut menu.
  • Select the cell(s) and click Edit > Copy in the menu.
  • Press Ctrl+C on Windows or Command+C on Mac.

Click Edit, Copy in Google Sheets

To open Paste Special:

  • Right-click the cell(s) and move to Paste Special in the shortcut menu. Select the paste option from the pop-out menu.
  • Select the cell(s) and go to Edit > Paste Special in the menu. Select the paste option from the pop-out menu.

Click Edit, Paste Special in Google Sheets

Paste Special Options in Google Sheets

While some of the paste special options in Google Sheets seem clear enough, others may not. And whether you’re copying data, formulas, or formatting, it’s important to know the correct paste option to select.

Let’s look at each of the eight paste special options currently available and what they do.

Paste Values Only

You can think of Paste Values Only as the plain text paste you’d use in Microsoft Excel. This action pastes only the text without formatting. If the data you’re copying includes a formula, Paste Values Only will paste only the result of the formula.

Paste Format Only

If it’s not the data you want to paste but the formatting instead, Paste Format Only is the action you want. This is an alternative to the Paint Format tool because it will not change any data and only paste formatting.

Example of pasting Format Only

Paste All Except Borders

You may have data with borders, formulas, and other formatting. Paste All Except Borders does exactly what the name implies. It pastes everything you copy including data and formatting except cell borders. This option helps you avoid reformatting your borders when moving data around.

Example of pasting All Except Borders

Paste Column Widths Only

When you take time to size columns in Google Sheets the exact sizes you want, you may want to carry those sizes elsewhere in your sheet. With Paste Columns Widths Only, all that’s pasted to your selected cells are the widths of the columns and nothing else.

Paste Formula Only

The opposite of Paste Values Only where you only see the result of a formula you copy, Paste Formula Only actually pastes the formula. A good example use for this paste special option is when adding totals to rows or columns. You can simply copy and paste the formula to the remaining cells.

Example of paste Formula Only

Note: When pasting formulas, the cell references should automatically adjust to their new locations in the sheet.

Paste Data Validation Only

Data validation in Google Sheets can keep improper data from being entered into your sheet. So if you set up a data validation rule, you can use Paste Data Validation Only to copy and paste that same rule to additional cells in your sheet. Nothing else will be pasted but the data validation.

Example of copying and pasting Data Validation Only

Paste Conditional Formatting Only

With conditional formatting in Google Sheets, you can do things like highlight blanks or errors and apply color scales based on values. If you create a conditional formatting rule that you want to apply to other areas of your sheet, copy and then paste with Paste Conditional Formatting Only. Nothing else will be pasted but the conditional formatting.

Example of copying and pasting Conditional Formatting Only

Paste Transposed

The last, and to many the handiest, of the paste special options is Paste Transposed. With this feature, you can copy cells in a column and paste them into a row or vice versa. Essentially, it allows you to convert a column to a row or row to a column.

Example of Paste Transposed

When entering data into a spreadsheet, anything that can speed up the task is welcome. So the next time you want to copy and paste, data, formulas, or formatting, remember your paste special options in Google Sheets.

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