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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Installing and Using Microsoft Extensions in Microsoft Edge


Installing and Using Microsoft Extensions in Microsoft Edge

Like Chrome, Microsoft Edge comes with the ability to install browser add-ons, called extensions, that add new and enhanced features.

You can see what extensions are currently installed in Edge by clicking the three-horizontal dot menu icon located in the top-right corner and then selecting the “Extensions” button to enter the extensions menu.

To access the extensions menu in Edge, click the settings menu in the top-left, then click Extensions

Edge, by default, won’t come with any extensions pre-installed. To install your own, click the “Get extensions from Microsoft Store” link in the left-hand menu.

Click the "Get extensions from Microsoft Store" link in the left-hand menu.

This will load the Microsoft Store for Edge, with extensions separated by category, each with a defined purpose. For instance, “Shopping” lists several extensions to help you shop on different websites.

Click on an extension you like and then select the “Get” button to begin installing it.

Click Get to install a Microsoft Edge extension from the Microsoft Store

Edge will display a confirmation pop-up, alerting you to the permissions the extension will have access to, should you agree to install it. These include reading your website history or displaying notifications, for instance.

If you want to proceed with the installation, click the “Add Extension” button.

Click Add extension to allow an extension to be installed in Microsoft Edge

Once the extension has been installed, Edge will display a notification to confirm and highlight the icon for your extension. The extension icon will appear next to your address bar, as well as appear as an entry on the “Extensions” settings page.

If an icon appears for your extension next to the address bar, you can click it to interact with the extension further.

You can see more information about your extension by clicking the “Details” button for your extension on the “Extensions” page. You can disable (or enable) the extension by clicking the blue slider or selecting the “Remove” button if you wish to remove the extension from Edge entirely.

On the Edge extensions page, click details for more information or to access more settings, remove to remove an extension, or the slider to disable/enable it

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