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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Installing and Using Chrome Extensions in Microsoft Edge


Installing and Using Chrome Extensions in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s decision to throw out of the Edge browser engine and switch to using Chromium as its base means it’s now possible to use and install Google Chrome extensions in Edge itself.

Rather than isolate Edge from the Chrome ecosystem entirely, Microsoft made the entirely sensible decision to allow Chrome extensions to be installed in the Edge browser. To do this, you’ll need to change a setting in Edge to allow the installation of Chrome extensions.

Click the three-horizontal dot menu icon in the top-right corner of Edge’s browsing window and then select the “Extensions” option to access the extensions settings menu.

To access the extensions menu in Edge, click the settings menu in the top-left, then click Extensions

From there, click to enable the “Allow extensions from other stores” slider in the left-hand corner.

Click Allow extensions from other stores on the Microsoft Edge extensions page to allow Chrome extensions to be installed

Select “Allow” to accept the warning about unverified apps.

Click Allow to allow Chrome extensions to be used in Edge

You can now head to the Chrome Web Store to install new extensions. When you find an extension you like, click “Add to Chrome” to begin installing it.

Click Add to Chrome to install a Chrome extension in Edge

Select the “Add Extension” button to accept the Edge warning pop-up and allow the installation.

Click Add Extension to add a Chrome extension in Edge

The Google Chrome extension will be installed, appearing as an icon next to your address bar or as an entry on the “Extensions” page. Google Chrome extensions will be listed under the “From other sources” category.

Google Chrome extensions installed on Microsoft Edge, listed on the Extensions page

As with extensions that you install from the Microsoft Edge store, you can click the blue slider next to the entry for a Google Chrome extension to quickly enable or disable it, click “Details” to view more information about the extension, or click the “Remove” button to remove it from Edge entirely.

You can also interact with a Chrome extension and take advantage of its features by pressing the icon for it that appears next to the address bar in Edge.

A word of warning, however. Chrome extensions have been designed for Chrome, rather than Edge. While both pieces of software now share the same browser engine, some differences could break an extension or cause unusual behavior to occur.

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