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Monday, August 9, 2021

How to use Bedtime Mode with Digital Wellbeing


Digital Wellbeing is Google’s suite of tools that are intended to help you use your device responsibly. Part of its mission is to create better usage habits before bedtime.

If you have a Google Pixel phone or a fairly new Android device, there’s a good chance you have Digital Wellbeing. An easy way to check is to swipe down (once or twice, depending on your handset’s manufacturer) from the top of the screen. Tap the Gear icon to open the “Settings” menu, and then look for “Digital Wellbeing.”

Tap "Digital Wellbeing" in the "Settings" menu.

To use the extra Bedtime Mode features in Digital Wellbeing, start by following the steps we covered above to create a bedtime schedule. After that, tap the time you set for bedtime on the “Bedtime” overview screen.

Tap the time you set as bedtime.

Tap “Bedtime Mode.”

Tap "Bedtime Mode."

Here, you’ll see a new set of tools to help you stay off your phone at bedtime.

Since we’ve already set up a bedtime schedule, “Bedtime Mode” will turn on and off at those times. You can also choose to have it turn on whenever your device is charging within that time frame.

Tap "While Charging at Bedtime" to turn on "Bedtime Mode" while the device is charging.

At the bottom, you can toggle-On the “Do Not Disturb” option to block notifications whenever Bedtime mode is active.

Toggle-On "Do Not Disturb" during Bedtime mode.

Toggle-on the “Grayscale” option to turn the display black and white whenever Bedtime mode is active. This is intended to make using your phone less appealing.

Toggle-on "Grayscale" whenever Bedtime mode is active.

When you’ve finished tweaking these settings, tap the Back arrow at the top to return to the previous screen.

Tap the Back arrow when you're done in the "Bedtime Mode" menu.

Slide down from the top of the “Bedtime” schedule settings.

Slide down from the top of "Bedtime" settings.

Another tool Digital Wellbeing adds to the “Bedtime” settings is “See Recent Bedtime Activity.” This helps you track how you’re using your phone at bedtime. Tap “Continue” to set up this tool.

Tap "Continue" under "See Recent Bedtime Activity."

Digital Wellbeing will ask to access your app usage and sensor data. It uses motion and light detection during bedtime to estimate when you’re using your phone in bed.

Toggle-on the “Motion and Light Detection During Your Scheduled Bedtime” option, and then tap “Allow.”

Toggle-on "Motion and Light Detection During Your Scheduled Bedtime," and then tap "Allow."

That’s it! You’ll now see your bedtime activity in the “Bedtime” overview screen.

Stats in "Recent Bedtime Activity."

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