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Sunday, June 20, 2021

SIX Windows 10 Tricks You Should Check Right Now!

Windows 10 comes with an ocean of features. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that not every user has been exposed to all Windows 10 tips and tricks. So, put on your seat belts and get ready to turn yourself into a power user.

1. Open The Second Start Menu

second start option - windows 10 hacks

What? You would probably wonder and say “Hey! There’s one start menu that opens when you hit the Windows icon” but, here’s a little secret, press Windows key + X or right-click on the Windows icon located on the bottom left. You’ll be able to gain immediate access to features such as Windows PowerShell, Task Manager,  File Explorer and many. If you knew this Windows 10 trick, good and if you didn’t, you can thank us later.

2. Shake All Windows Except The One That’s Active

One of coolest Windows 10 tricks is shaking all Windows except the one that’s active. If you see too many Windows cluttering your desktop, it’s time to zero down on the one you’re working on. To do that, click on the title bar of the window that you want active or remain open. Next, hold the mouse, press left-click and shake active window back and forth quickly. You’ll see that all windows would go away (minimize basically) and you’ll be left with the one you are working on. Neat! Isn’t it?

3. Make Updates And Notifications Happen When You Want

windows update - windows 10 hacks

One of the Windows 10 tips and tricks is that you can schedule updates and notifications as and when you want. For this follow the path mentioned below –

Start (Windows Icon) > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update

Now as far as Windows updates are concerned, you can choose to do things like –

  • Change hours when the computer would restart itself for updates
  • Choose time to pause updates
  • Choose when quality and feature updates occur on your Windows 10 PC

4. Flip The Screen

Some Windows 10 tips and tricks are there for fun. Take this hack for example – press Ctrl + Alt + Any arrow key and the screen would rotate. When you press Ctrl +Alt + Up arrow key the screen will rotate upside down. So, next time your friend or colleague is not on their desktop, you can meanwhile flip their screen and pull their leg !

5. Snap 4 Windows One Under The Other

snap windows - windows 10 hacks

Up until now, you could snap 2 windows but how about snapping 4 Windows? Let’s say, you are validating the facts of two websites and are simultaneously referencing a website for your blog.

  • You can align all four windows by first pressing the Windows key + right/ left arrow key, this would snap two windows side by side
  • Then, place the cursor on the Windows beneath, which you wish to snap another window, and press Windows key + up/down arrow key

6. Using Emojis Right From Your Keyboard

emoticon - windows 10 hacks

Yes! You can now send emoticons or emojis right from your keyboard. Thanks to Windows 10,all you have to do is press the “Windows key + .”  and you’ll have your hands a wide range of  emoticons and symbols that you can use on Microsoft Word, Sticky Notes, Notepad and other text editors installed on Windows 10.

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