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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Eye control Feature


Enable Eye Control in Windows 10

Eye Control can be enabled by going to Settings  > Ease of Access  > Eye control and select Turn on eye control. This will open LaunchPad which is like a control panel from where you can perform various functions like right-click, left-click, task view and more.

Eye Control Launch Pad for Windows 10

To select one of the buttons on the launchpad, you need to keep looking at it and keep looking for a specific amount of time. Microsoft calls it Dwelling, and the amount of time is called dwell time. You can also pause the eye control if you’re doing something like watching a movie and don’t want your eye movements to accidentally select buttons on the launchpad.

How to control the mouse using Eye Control

  • First, dwell to look at the Precise mouse button on the launchpad.
  • Then look at the screen where you want the mouse cursor to be placed.
  • Once the cursor is at the right place, you can then select the mouse actions
  • Mouse Control using Eye Control on Windows 10

  • You can do the same in reverse to select the options from the right or left-click.
  • When you look off the screen, the action is canceled.

How to Type using Eye Control keyboard

Following the same process again, dwell on the keyboard button on the launchpad, then dwell on the characters you want to type. However, make sure to launch the software keyboard when using it. Text suggestions work best in this case so make sure to look at them to select it. As of now, Eye control only supports US English keyboard layout.

Eye Control also lets you do shape writing. It increases the speed compared to this method along with text-prediction. You will need to dwell at the Shape writing toggle to turn it on.

How to Configure & change  eye control settings

This will take time to get used to, and Microsoft has offered just the right options to configure the dwell time for all of them. To change them, dwell on Eye control settings on the launchpad. You can change the following settings:

  • Typing dwell time. Set the dwell time for letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • General dwell time. Set the dwell time for function keys, word predictions, and mouse cursor controls.
  • Shape writing. Turn shape writing on and off.
  • Gaze cursor. Turn on a cursor that shows where your eyes are pointing when dwelling on eye control features like the launchpad.

Use Text to Speech with Eye Control

If you wish to read what is written on the screen, you can use text to speech button on the launchpad. Dwell on the Text-to-speech button on the launchpad. Then use the keyboard to type sentences and select the Play button to have them read out loud. You can change them anytime you by dwelling on them.

Text to Speech Eye Control in Windows 10

That said, you might have to configure your Speech settings, especially the voice. Go to  Start  > Settings  > Time & language  > Speech and choose a voice from the menu under Text-to-speech.

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