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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Cloud Storage in One Drive

Cloud Storage 

files on demand

You can choose to store your synced files locally or opt to download them 

only when they’re needed. Click the Settings tab and look at the setting 

for Files-On-Demand, which should be enabled by default. With this 

setting turned on, your OneDrive files are stored online instead of 

on your computer. 

The links to your online files still appear in File Explorer. When you 

double-click a file to access it, the file is downloaded on the fly from 

OneDrive to your computer. The advantage of Files-On-Demand is 

that you save space on your hard drive. The disadvantage is that you 

need to be online to access a file. 

You may want to leave this option disabled if you have plenty of hard 

drive space but enabled if you’re low on storage. You can also opt to 

store certain folders and files online only and others both online and 

locally. Click the checkbox if you wish to turn off this option.

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