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Saturday, February 12, 2022

Remove a Credit Card or Other Payment Method From Google Play


A red credit card

Remove a Payment Method From Google Play on Desktop

Start by opening your favorite web browser and heading to the Google Play site. There, log in to your Google account.

After logging in, from Google Play’s left sidebar, select “Payment Methods.”

Click "Payment Methods" in the left sidebar.

On the “Payment Methods” page, beneath the current methods, click “Edit Payment Methods.”

Select "Edit Payment Methods" at the bottom.

You will be taken to the Google Payments Center site. Here, find the credit card or another payment method to remove. Then, beneath that method, click “Remove.”

Click "Remove" beneath a payment method.

Click “Remove” in the prompt.

Select "Remove" in the prompt.

And your selected payment method is now removed from your profile. You will no longer be able to use this method to make any further payments.

Delete a Payment Method From Google Play on Android

To clear a saved credit card or another mode of payment using your Android phone, use the Play Store app on your phone.

Start by launching Google Play Store on your phone. In the Store’s top-right corner, tap your profile icon.

In the profile menu that opens, tap “Payments & Subscriptions.”

Choose "Payments & Subscriptions" from the menu.

Select “Payment Methods.”

Tap "Payment Methods."

At the bottom of the “Payment Methods” screen, tap “More Payment Settings.”

Select "More Payment Settings" at the bottom.

Your phone’s default web browser will open and take you to Google Payments Center. Here, find the payment method to remove, and beneath it, tap “Remove.”

Tap "Remove" beneath a payment method.

Tap “Remove” in the prompt.

Hit "Remove" in the prompt.

And you have successfully deleted an unwanted payment method from your Google account.

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