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Sunday, February 20, 2022

How to Take a Screenshot on the Galaxy S22


Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Power + Volume Down

Pretty much every Android smartphone can take a screenshot by pressing two of the physical buttons at the same time. This also applies to the Samsung Galaxy S22.

Simply press and hold down the Power Button (a.k.a. Side Key) and Volume Down key until the screen flashes.

Power and Volume Down keys.

A little floating toolbar will appear and you can edit the screenshot from the preview thumbnail or save it to your photo gallery app.

Palm Gesture

The second method doesn’t use any buttons. Instead, you can simply slide the side of your hand horizontally across the display. This method needs to be enabled in the Settings.

First, swipe down once from the top of the screen and tap the gear icon.

Scroll down to the “Advanced Features.”

Select "Advanced Features."

Now go to “Motions and Gestures.”

Go to "Motions and Gestures."

Toggle the switch on for “Palm Swipe to Capture” if it’s not already.

Toggle on "Palm Swipe to Gesture."

To actually perform the gesture, place the side of your open hand (the pinky side) on the display and slide it from right to left. The screen will flash when the screenshot has been taken.

The screenshot will now be saved in your Gallery app.

Capture a Long or Scrolling Screenshot

Sometimes you may want to capture more than what you can see on the screen. The “Scroll Capture” feature allows you to take a long screenshot.

Begin by taking a screenshot with one of the methods above. This time, select the arrows-in-a-box icon found in the floating toolbar.

You’ll see the screen scroll down automatically and the screenshot elongate. Tap the icon again to scroll down more. Repeat until you have everything you want in the screenshot.

Now you can tap the crop icon to finish.

Use the crop tool to adjust the screenshot, then tap the save icon to download the screenshot to your Gallery app.

Smart Select

Android makes it easy to crop a screenshot immediately after you take it, but you can skip that step on Samsung phones with the “Smart Select” tool. This allows you to screenshot a specific section of the screen.

We first need to enable a handy feature called “Edge Panels.” Swipe down once from the top of the screen and tap the gear icon.

Next, go to the “Display” section.

Select "Display Settings."

Toggle the “Edge Panels” switch on and then tap the name.

Enable "Edge Panels" and select it.

You’ll see a little animation that shows how Edge Panels can be accessed. Go to “Panels.”

Select "Panels."

Here are all the panels you can use. The one we need to enable is the “Smart Select” panel.

Enable the "Smart Select" panel.

With that done, let’s find something to capture and slide out the Edge Panel from the side of the display.

Open the Edge Panel.

You may have to swipe left or right through the panels to get the Smart Select tools. It has “Rectangle” and “Oval” screenshot options to choose from.

Select one of the capture shapes.

A rectangle or oval shape will appear as an overlay on the screen. Drag the handles around to select the area you want to capture. Tap “Done” when you’re ready.

Adjust the crop and tap "Done."

An edit screen will appear with options to “Extract Text” from the image, draw on it, and share it. Tap the save icon when you’re finished.

Hey Bixby

The last method doesn’t require touching your Galaxy S22 at all. Samsung’s “Bixby” virtual assistant can take a screenshot with a voice command.

Before we can use Bixby, you’ll need to sign in with your Samsung account if you haven’t already. You’ll probably be asked to install an update before getting started as well.

Once Bixby is ready to go, we’ll need the wake-up command to be enabled. This is how you can take a screenshot without manually opening Bixby. Open the Bixby app and tap the hamburger menu icon in the top-left corner.

Tap the menu button

Select the gear icon to go to the Settings.

Tap the settings gear

Toggle the switch on for “Voice Wake-Up.”

Toggle on "Voice Wake Up."

Bixby will guide you through the process of training your voice.

Train Bixby for your voice.

Now all you have to do is say “Hi Bixby, take a screenshot” whenever you want to take one.

Use the voice command.

The screen will flash, and you’ll get the usual floating toolbar to edit the screenshot. 

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