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Saturday, February 12, 2022

How to Stop Credit Card Information from Syncing and Delete Card Information


How to Stop Credit Card Information from Syncing

Next, to prevent all of this information from syncing to any of your devices connected through your Google account, we’re going to turn off syncing of payment methods in Chrome.

Click on your profile picture, then click “Syncing to.” You can also type chrome://settings/people into the Omnibox and hit Enter.

Click your profile picture, then click on "Syncing to"

Under the People heading, click on “Sync” to open up a full list of everything synced to your Google account.

On the next screen, everything that gets saved to your account and synced across all your devices is listed below. By default, “Sync Everything” is enabled. To manually toggle what information to sync to Chrome, you first have to turn off “Sync Everything,” and then disable “Payment Methods and Addresses Using Google Pay” by toggling the switch across from it.

First, untoggle Sync Everything, then untoggle Payment methods and addresses using Google Pay

How to Delete Credit Card Information

If you have any credit cards already saved you’d like to eliminate, start by removing each entry from the list below. Click the three dots, then click on “Remove.”

Click the three dots next to the payment method, then click Remove

After this card is deleted, you’re one step closer from wiping all payment methods from Google’s memory.

If you’ve turned sync on for payment methods in Chrome and buy something online, Chrome may have asked if you want to save a credit card to your Google Pay. If you accepted, your card might have been saved in Google Pay. Here’s how to remove it from Google Pay as well.

Head on over to Google Pay and on the left click the hamburger menu, then click on “Payment Methods.”

On the next page, find the payment method you want to eliminate and click “Remove.”

Under the credit card you want to delete, click Remove

A window will open warning you that upon deletion you will no longer be able to use this payment method without adding it again. Click “Remove.”

Confirm the deletion of this card and click Remove

That’s it. Now, whenever you complete a form containing credit card information, Chrome won’t ask you to save this personal information to use in the future when filling out payment information.

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