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Sunday, February 13, 2022

How to Close a Google Form

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Close a Google Form Manually

To close a form immediately, you can simply flip a switch. You then have the option to display a custom message for those who still try to access the form.

Open your form in Google Forms and go to the Responses tab at the top. Turn off the toggle for Accepting Responses.

No longer accepting responses in Google Forms

You’ll see a default message that respondents will receive if they access the form. To use your own, just enter it in the box.

Message for respondents

You can then preview the form by clicking the eye icon on the top right to see the message as respondents will.

Message seen by respondents

Using this manual option to close a form, you can open it again anytime by turning the toggle back on for Accepting Responses.

Close a Google Form Automatically

You could set a Google Calendar reminder for yourself to close the form manually, or with the help of an add-on, you can set it up to happen automatically. This is a convenient way to go if you have several active forms and want to be sure that one closes without manual intervention.

With the formLimiter add-on, you can close a form based on the number of responses, the date and time, or a cell value in a connected spreadsheet.

Once you install the add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace, you can access it by clicking the Add-ons icon at the top of the form and choosing “formLimiter.” Then, select “Set Limit” in the tiny pop-up box.

Select formLimiter

The formLimiter interface will open on the right side. Click the Limit Type drop-down box to choose how to close the form. You have three options: date and time, number of form responses, and spreadsheet cell value.

formLimiter window

Date and Time

One of the handiest options for closing your form is based on date and time. Choose “Date and Time” for the Limit Type, select the date and time from the pop-up windows, and enter the message to display to respondents.

formLimiter Date and Time

Number of Form Responses

Closing a form based on the number of responses is convenient if you have a form for a “first 50 people who complete the form receive…” type of scenario. Choose “Number of Responses” for the Limit Type, enter the number in the box, and add the message.

formLimiter Number of Responses

Spreadsheet Cell Value

One more way to close your form with formLimiter is based on a spreadsheet value. To use this option, you must connect a destination sheet for your form responses.

You can do this on the Responses tab by creating a new sheet with the Google Sheets icon or by clicking the three dots and choosing “Select Response Destination.”

Connect a destination spreadsheet

Choose “Spreadsheet Cell Value” for the Limit Type, enter the cell location and value, and include the message for respondents.

formLimiter Spreadsheet Cell Value

After using one of the above options to close your form, you can optionally check the box to receive an email when the form closes. Then, click “Save and Enable” and you’re set.

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