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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Upload or Share a GIF on Facebook on Mobile


Upload or Share a GIF on Facebook on Mobile

The ability to post GIFs on Facebook is not limited to desktops. You can post a GIF to your status or comment from Facebook’s mobile app as well.

Post a GIF as a Status

To post a GIF as a status, launch the Facebook app on your phone and tap the “Write Something Here” box at the top.

Tap the "Write Something Here" box at the top.

To choose a GIF from Facebook’s repository, then at the bottom of the “Create Post” screen, tap “GIF.”

Select the "GIF" option.

On the “Select GIF” screen, find and tap the GIF to add to your post.

Choose a GIF.

To upload a GIF from your phone, then on the “Create Post” page, tap the “Photo/Video” option and choose your GIF from your phone’s storage.

Hit the "Photo/Video" option.

Similarly, if you want to add a GIF using a URL, then on the “Create Post” page, paste the GIF’s full link. When the image preview appears, you can delete the text link and the GIF will remain.

Paste the GIF's link.

And that’s it.

Post a GIF as a Comment

To respond to someone’s post with a GIF, then in the “Write a Comment” field on their post, tap the “GIF” icon.

Tap the "GIF" option.

Search for and tap the GIF to add to your comment.

Select a GIF.

To add a GIF from your phone’s gallery, then beside the “Write a Comment” field, tap the camera icon. Then choose the GIF image from your phone.

You can also add a GIF by its link. To do so, tap the “Write a Comment” box and paste the GIF’s web link. Publish the comment, and later if you want to remove the text link, edit the comment and remove the text link.

Paste a GIF's URL.

And that’s how you spice up a discussion or status with animated GIF images in your Facebook account. Enjoy!

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