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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Pin Conversations in the Messages App on iPhone and iPad


Pinned conversations in Messages app on iPhone

The easiest way to pin a message is to open the “Messages” app and then swipe right on a conversation to reveal the “Pin” button. Tap the “Pin” icon to instantly pin the conversation to the top of the screen.

Tap Pin button from swipe menu

You can also tap and hold on a conversation from the Messages app home page to preview it and see more options. From here, select the “Pin (Contact Name)” option to pin the conversation.

Tap Pin Contact Name from Menu

To quickly unpin a conversation, tap and hold the display picture to reveal options.

Tap and hold on a pinned contact

From here, choose the “Unpin (Contact Name)” option.

Tap Unpin contact name

You can also pin and unpin multiple conversations at the same time. To do this, tap the “Edit” button from the top toolbar.

Tap Edit button from Messages app

Here, choose the “Edit Pins” option.

Tap Edit Pins

Now, tap the “Pin” icon next to a conversation to pin it.

Tap Pin to Pin the contact

And when you’re done seeing the chat at the top of the Messages app, tap the “-” minus icon next to a conversation to unpin it.

And that’s how easy it is to pin and unpin conversations in the Messages app.

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