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Sunday, January 2, 2022

How to Turn Off Facebook Sounds

 Facebook's logo on a gradient background.

Disable Facebook App Sounds

To start, open the Facebook app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.

In the app, tap the three horizontal lines. On an iPhone and iPad, these lines are at the bottom-right corner. On Android, you will find these lines in the top-right corner of the app.

Tap the three horizontal lines in the Facebook app.

A “Menu” page will open. Scroll this page all the way down, and at the bottom, tap “Settings & Privacy.”

Select "Settings & Privacy" on the "Menu" page.

In the expanded “Settings & Privacy” menu, tap “Settings.”

Tap "Settings" in the "Settings & Privacy" menu.

The “Settings” page will open. Scroll down to the “Preferences” section and tap “Media.”

Select "Media" on the "Settings" page.

If you are on Android, then on the “Media” page, turn off the “Sounds in the App” option.

Disable the "Sounds in the App" option in Facebook on Android.

If you are on an iPhone or iPad, turn off the “In-App Sound” option at the top.

Disable the "In-App Sound" option in Facebook on iPhone or iPad.

The Facebook app’s in-app sounds are now turned off. If you’d like to turn off the sounds for videos as well, then toggle off the “Videos Start with Sound” option as well.

Turn off the "Videos Start with Sound" option.

And that’s all there is to cut off those annoying sounds from your Facebook experience. Very useful!

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