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Saturday, January 29, 2022

How to Add a Stop on Uber


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Make Multiple Stops on a Uber Ride

To add one or more stops to your Uber ride, launch the Uber app on your iPhone or Android phone. You can’t yet make these rides on Uber’s website.

In the Uber app, tap “Where To” to specify your stops and destination.

Tap "Where To" in Uber.

In the box at the very top of your screen, specify your current location.

Tap the top box.

To start adding your stops, next to the “Where To” field, tap the “+” (plus) sign.

Tap "+" next to "Where To."

Two new fields reading “Add a Stop” will appear. Use these fields to specify your stops. Then, in the last field that opens, enter your destination.

Select the "Add a Stop" field.

Once your stops and the final destination are entered, at the bottom of your screen, tap “Done.”

Tap "Done" at the bottom.

Uber will take you back to the standard screen where you choose your ride type. Select the kind of ride you’d like to take.

Choose a ride type.

And you’ll soon be on your way, with your driver making multiple stops before the final destination. Happy traveling!

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