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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Spell Check With Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Word

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Using the Spelling and Grammar Checker Keyboard Shortcut

In Word, you can use the Alt+F7 keyboard shortcut to jump straight to the first error behind where the cursor currently is in the document. So, if you want to start with the first error, you’ll need to place your cursor at the beginning of the document, or in front of the first error.

Place the cursor at the top of the Word doc.

When you press Alt+F7, Word highlights the spelling or grammar error and gives you the option to either correct or ignore the issue. Press the up or down arrow keys to highlight the desired option, and then press Enter to select it.

Note that you can only highlight spelling and grammar suggestions with your arrow keys. If you want to ignore the suggestion, you must click that option with your mouse.

Choose to correct or ignore the error.

Spelling errors generally have more suggested corrections to choose from.

Select a spelling suggestion.

You can also ignore the spelling error, just as you would with the grammar error. The only difference is, with spelling, you can choose to (1) ignore every instance of that same error, or (2) just the specific error (even if it also exists elsewhere in the document).

Ignore spelling mistakes.

In addition, you can also add that word to the dictionary. When you do this, Word will no longer flag the word as an error. This is useful if the word happens to be a part of an in-house style guide or something similar.

Click the three dots to the right of “Ignore All” and then click “Add to Dictionary” from the drop-down menu.

Add the spelling to the dictionary.

When you’re ready to move on to the next error, just press Alt+F7 again. Continue doing this until all of the issues within the document have been checked.

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