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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Make an Organizational Chart in Google Sheets


Set Up Your Data

Google Sheets offers an organizational chart as one of its built-in options. However, before you can create the chart, you need to make sure your data is set up correctly.

For a chart using people, you would set up the names as follows:

  • In the first column, enter the names of everyone you want on the chart.
  • In the second column, enter who those people report to, like their managers, for example.

People data for org chart

If you are setting up positions instead of people, you would enter each position in the first column and the position above it in the second column. For a family tree, enter each family member’s name in the first column with their parent in the second column.

Position data for org chart

You can enter notes in the third column that display when you place your cursor over a node in the chart. Each row should be a different person or position.

Create the Organizational Chart

Once you have your data set up, creating the chart takes only a minute. Select the data to include and click Insert > Chart from the menu.

Click Insert, Chart

A default chart type will display and the Chart Editor sidebar will open. At the top of the sidebar, click the Chart Type drop-down arrow, go to the bottom below Other, and select the Org Chart.

Select Chart Type, Org Chart

The organizational chart will pop onto your sheet. From there, you can confirm that the structure is set up correctly. You can also drag a corner or edge to resize the chart.

Organizational chart in Google Sheets

Customize the Organizational Chart

You have a few customizations you can make to your organizational chart in Google Sheets. Select the chart, click the three dots on the top right of it, and pick “Edit Chart.”

Select Edit Chart

When the Chart Editor sidebar displays, choose the Customize tab. Expand “Org” and you’ll see your options.

You can change the size with options for small, medium, and large. You can also pick the color for the nodes along with the color for a selected node.

Customize an org chart in Google Sheets

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