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Thursday, November 11, 2021

How to Update Fedora Using The Terminal


How to Update Fedora Using The Terminal

If you use the terminal often, Fedora also allows you to update apps using a command-line interface (CLI) similar to updating Arch Linux.

In the activities search bar, start typing “Terminal.” Click on the Terminal icon to open it.

Open the terminal in Fedora.

Copy and paste the following command in the terminal and hit enter.

sudo dnf upgrade

You’ll be prompted to enter your password. Type it and press enter. The dnf upgrade command downloads and installs all the upgradeable app packages.

Enter the update command in the Fedora terminal

If updates are available, type “y” and hit enter to begin the download. If you haven’t updated your Fedora device install for a long time, the installation will take a significant amount of time so, go ahead and grab a coffee.

Once it finishes updating the packages, you’ll see this “Complete!” message.

Update complete in Fedora terminal

Type “exit” and hit Enter to close the terminal window.

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