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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Create Meeting Notes Directly From Google Calendar

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Create Meeting Notes From Google Calendar

You can create the meeting notes from the event on the calendar screen or the event detail page at the time you set up the event or afterward.

For a new event on the main Google Calendar page, click the Add Description or Attachments section. Select the option that appears to Create Meeting Notes.

Click Create Meeting Notes

For an existing event on the main Google Calendar page, click “Take Meeting Notes.”

Click Take Meeting Notes

For a new or existing event on the event detail page, go down to the Description section. Click “Create Meeting Notes.”

Click Create Meeting Notes

You’ll then be directed to Google Docs where a meeting notes template is waiting. You’ll see the event name, date, and attendees along with sections for action items and notes.

Meeting notes template in Google Docs

You can make edits if you like or simply close the notes and reopen them when your meeting time comes. As with any other Google Docs document, your changes are saved automatically.

Access the Meeting Notes

The Create Meeting Notes option you selected initially converts to a link directly to the notes in Google Docs.

Click the Notes link in Google Calendar

So, when the meeting time arrives, click the link to the notes in the event, on the event detail page, or head to Google Docs where the template was saved. Add your items to the meeting notes and again, all changes you make save automatically.

Open the notes in Google Docs

Any attendee on the event invitation can click that link to access the notes in Google Docs as well. So, all event guests are in the loop.

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