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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Alphabetize Data in Microsoft Excel


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How to Alphabetize a Column in Microsoft Excel

To sort data A to Z (descending) or Z to A (ascending) in a column, use Excel’s quick sort option. This option moves the relevant data in other columns as well so your table remains intact.

To get started, open your spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel. In the spreadsheet, click the header of the column in which you want to alphabetize data.

Select a column in Excel.

In Excel’s ribbon at the top, click the “Data” tab.

Click the "Data" tab in Excel.

In the “Data” tab, under the “Sort & Filter” section, you will find options to alphabetize your data. To sort your data A to Z, click the “AZ” icon. To sort your data Z to A, click the “ZA” icon.

Click the "AZ" or "ZA" sort option in Excel.

A “Sort Warning” window will open. This window suggests that you allow Excel to adjust the data in other columns so your data remains intact. Enable the “Expand the Selection” option and then click “Sort.”

Enable "Expand the Selection" and click "Sort" in the "Sort Warning" window in Excel.

And instantly, Excel will alphabetize your data in your spreadsheet.

An alphabetized column in Excel.

You’re all set.

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