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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Use Breakout Rooms in Google Meet

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First, you’ll need to be in a Google Meet meeting on your desktop PC that you started or scheduled. Click the shapes icon in the bottom right.

Select “Breakout Rooms” from the Activities menu.

Select "Breakout Rooms."

Click “Set Up Breakout Rooms” to get started creating the rooms.

Click "Set Up Breakout Rooms."

Now you can choose the number of rooms you want to have, set a timer for how long the rooms will last, or “Shuffle” the participants into groups. “Clear” will empty all the rooms.

Set up the rooms.

The rooms are listed underneath. You can simply drag and drop participants into the rooms as you wish.

Move people to the rooms.

Once everything is set, click “Open Rooms.”

Click "Open Rooms."

While the rooms are happening, you can also “Edit” them after the fact and “Close Rooms” when you’re finished.

In-rooms options.

Participants will need to confirm that they want to “Join” rooms before they can be added. When the timer is about to run out or you manually close the rooms, participants will see a 30-second countdown before they’re closed.

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