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Friday, October 15, 2021

Use Board View in Microsoft Outlook Calendar

 Microsoft Outlook Board View

Open Board View in Outlook

Visit, sign in, and click the Calendar icon on the left as you normally would to see your schedule and events.

Using the drop-down button on the top right that displays your current calendar view, choose “Board.”

Select Board in the drop-down list

You’ll then see your default board view with a few items already placed by Microsoft to get you started. These may include your calendar, tasks, notes, and tips. The items are interactive, so you can do things like create a calendar event, mark a task complete, or jot a note.

Default board

Add or Remove Items on Your Board

You can add and remove items on your board to make it work best for you.

To add an item, click “Add to Board” on the top left. Click “Show All” at the bottom to see all available items. You can add things like a link, file, location, clock, and the weather.

Choose an item to add

When you select an item to add, it will appear in a blank spot on your board. Simply drag it where you’d like to place it.

Place the item on the board

To remove an item, click the three dots on the top right of it to open More Options. Then, select “Remove From Board.” Alternatively, select the item and choose “Remove From Board” in the toolbar.

Select Remove From Board

Rearrange Your Board

You can organize your board however you like. Simply click an item you want to move, drag it to its new location on the board, and release. As you move an item, you’ll notice a faint lined background. This can help you line up your items neatly.

Lined background

You can also move a group of items. Hold Ctrl on Windows or Command on Mac as you click each item. You’ll see each item’s border turn blue. With them all selected, simply drag to move the group.

Group items to move

Additionally, you aren’t limited to using just the space you see. You can move items far to the right or down past the bottom. Just drag slowly to move an item to a location off-screen and the screen will move.

Then, to see those items, click and hold a blank spot on the board. You’ll see an outline of your board appear on the bottom right. Drag the screen until the outline shows the items you want to view.

View the whole board

If you want to secure your items in their spots on your board you can lock them. This prevents you from accidentally moving something. Turn on the Lock Items toggle on the top right of your board.

Turn on Lock Items

Resize or Customize Items

Many items you place on your board can be resized. So you can make things like your notes smaller and your calendar bigger. Click the three dots on the top right of the item and select “Resize” or select the item and click “Resize” in the toolbar.

Select Resize

Then drag a corner or edge, inward or outward to the size you want.

Resize an item

Some items that you add to your board offer extra options. For instance, if you display your calendar, you can select the view such as agenda, week, or month. For the clock, you can change the color and for notes you can set a due date.

Click the three dots on the top right of a board item to see all available options. Or select the item and view the options in the toolbar.

Item color options

Create, Edit, or Delete Boards

As mentioned, you can create additional boards instead of just using the Default. This is where the feature really comes in handy. You might create boards for home, work, and school, each with its own set of helpful items.

To create a board, click the Board drop-down arrow on the top right. Move your cursor to the arrow next to Board and choose “New Board.”

Select New Board

Give your new board a name and click “Create.”

Name your board and click Create

You’ll then have a new board to arrange and customize. Use the same drop-down box at the top to quickly switch between boards.

Switch boards

You can edit a board you create by changing its name, or delete one you no longer need. Click the Board drop-down arrow on the top right and then the arrow next to Board. To the right of the board, click either the pencil icon to edit it or trash can icon to delete it.

Edit or Delete a board

Note: You cannot edit or delete the Default board.

The board view in Outlook calendar offers a useful overview of all items you want to see. Whether you want to check the weather or mark a task as complete, it’s a terrific feature.

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