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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Delete Apps on iPhone and iPad

 Delete an app on iPhone

Delete Apps From the Home Screen

If the app you want to remove is on your Home Screen, whether within a folder or not, you can easily delete it two different ways.

Delete With a Long-Press Shortcut

When you long-press an app icon on your Home Screen, this brings up a shortcut menu with various actions. So, tap and hold the icon for the app you want to remove and select “Remove App.” Then, confirm that you want to permanently get rid of the app by picking “Delete App.”

Long press and pick Remove App

Delete With Jiggle Mode

Jiggle mode has been around for a long time and this also allows you to delete apps. Tap and hold the icon for the app you want to delete. You’ll see the shortcut menu appear, but rather than releasing your finger, continue to hold.

The app icons will begin to jiggle, and you’ll see minus signs on the top left corners of the icons. Tap the minus sign for the app you want to remove and then pick “Delete App.”

Delete an app in jiggle mode

Delete Apps From the App Library

With the introduction of the App Library in iOS 14, Apple gave users a way to access apps without cluttering up their Home Screens. So if you don’t have the app icon on your screen, you can delete it from the App Library.

Swipe right beyond your last screen until you arrive at the App Library. If you see the app in one of the category folders, tap and hold it. Otherwise, you may need to expand the category folder. You can do this by tapping the smaller cluster in the corner.

Expand a folder in App Library

Tap and hold the app and choose “Delete App.” Confirm this action by tapping “Delete” when prompted.

Delete an app from the Library

Delete Apps From the Settings

One method for deleting apps on iPhone that remains through all iterations of iOS is in the Settings. So, open your Settings and select General > iPhone Storage (on an iPad, it will be “iPad Storage”).

In Settings, select General, iPhone Storage

Scroll through the list of apps and choose the one you want to remove. Tap “Delete App” and then confirm by tapping “Delete App” once more.

Tap Delete App in Settings

Because you have various ways to remove apps from your iPhone, you can use whichever is easiest or most convenient at the time.

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