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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Copy URLs of All Open Tabs in Safari


How to Copy Tab URLs in Safari on iPhone or iPad

First, launch the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad and open all the websites whose addresses you want to copy. On an iPad, tap the tabs button (four squares) or the plus (“+”) button depending on your tab bar layout. On an iPhone, tap the “Tabs” button (overlapping squares) in the lower-right corner.

Tap the "Tabs" button in bottom-right corner of Safari on iPhone.

All the open tabs will appear as a grid of thumbnails, and the number of open tabs will appear in the toolbar. Select the “[Num] Tabs” button on the top bar (iPad) or bottom bar (iPhone), where [Num] is the number of open tabs.

Select the "Tabs" menu from the bottom bar.

In the “Tab Groups” menu that appears, tap the “Edit” button.

Tap on "Edit" in the "Tab Groups" menu.

Next, tap the three dots in a circle button and select “Copy Links.”

Tap on the ellipses horizontal circle button and select "Copy Links."

All the URLs from the open tabs have now been copied to the clipboard. You can paste them into any app that can receive pasted text. After copying all the links, you can close all Safari tabs at once, if you’d like.

How to Copy Tab URLs in Safari on Mac

Copying the URLs from open tabs in Safari on Mac is simple. If you already have Safari open with multiple tabs, select the Sidebar button (looks like a rectangle with a sidebar) on the top-left corner to open it.

Click the "Sidebar" button in the top-left corner of Safari on Mac.

When the Sidebar menu opens, right-click the “[Num] Tabs” menu, where [Num] is the number of tabs that are currently open.

Right-click on the "Tabs" button in the "Sidebar" menu in Safari on Mac.

Select “Copy Links” to copy them to the clipboard. After that, feel free to click the Sidebar button again to close it.

Select "Copy LInks" from the context menu in Safari on Mac.

That’s it! You can paste those URLs to the clipboard in a message, email, app, or anywhere you like. Happy browsing!

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