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Thursday, September 16, 2021

How to Save and Discover Instagram Effects on Android or Iphone


How to Save Instagram Effects

As you follow more creators and explore the “Effects Gallery,” you’ll likely use some Effects more frequently than others. Luckily, you can use the “Save” feature to collect your favorite Effects.

To do so, tap the name of the Effect when you’re previewing it.

Tap the name of the Effect.

Next, tap “Save Effect.”

Tap "Save Effect."

Your saved Effects will appear to the left of the Shutter button.

Saved Effects appear on the left of the Shutter button.

To remove an Effect from your favorites, tap its name, and then tap “Saved.”

 Tap "Saved."

How to Discover Instagram Effects

While the “Effects Gallery” is a good place to start discovering Instagram Effects, the best place to find new and interesting Effects is on the Instagram profiles of creators.

To get started, just search for AR- and Effects-related hashtags. When you find a creator you like, tap the Smiley tab. This shows you a list of all the Effects that person has created.

The Effects section of an Instagram profile.

Tap a creator to preview the Effect. Tap “Try It” to open that Effect in Instagram Stories.

If you’re looking at someone’s Story and like an Effect they’ve used, tap the name of that Effect at the top of the screen (below the person’s Instagram handle).

Tap the name of an Effect in a Story.

This opens the (by now) familiar Effects information screen. Tap “Try It” to preview the Effect.

Tap "Try It" in an Effect's info screen.

If you’re viewing a Story by a creator, you might see a Swipe-Up button with the name of an Effect. Swipe up to go directly to the Filter screen in Instagram Stories.

Swipe up to try an Instagram Effect.

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