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Friday, September 17, 2021

Disable or Configure Location Tracking in Windows 10


Disabling Location Globally or Individually

The first and most important difference between Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 is that in the latter, you can now disable location either globally, so it is disabled for all user accounts on that device, or individually, meaning each user can set their own location settings.

First, open up the Settings in Windows 10 and click on the Privacy group. To turn off location just for that account, you can click the button under “Location” to “Off”.

If you want to turn off location for the entire device, however, you want to click the “Change” button, which will then open a new window so you can turn off the “Location for this device”.

If you decide to leave location on, then there are further options you need to check out. First of all there’s your “Location history”. History is stored for a “limited time” for the need of certain apps and services that rely upon it.

To clear the history on your device, simply click the appropriate button.

Below the clear history option are the apps that actually poll your location when you use them. This is no different than on Windows 8.1, and you simply need to go through and click “Off” or “On” any apps you want to disallow or grant (respectively) permission to access your location.

Finally, there’s a new “Geofencing” option. 

On Windows 10, if you have an app that is using your location for geofencing, it will show up under the heading. You can then prevent apps from using your location for geofencing by turning them off.

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